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3 Things to Know About Sewer Line Clogs Caused by Tree Roots

by Erik Evans

If you have recently been having problems with slow-moving drains, or if your sinks and toilets are backing up, the problems are likely due from a clogged sewer line. One of the main reasons clogs form in sewer lines is from tree roots. While this is a problem you can fix, it is important to understand why this happens and how it can be repaired. Here are three things you should know about sewer line clogs caused by tree roots.

Why Does This Happen?

Sewer lines are located underneath the ground. They run from your house to your septic tank or a city sewer system. Because of the location, they are often near the roots of trees. In addition, tree roots are attracted to sewer lines.

The first reason is due to the vapors that escape the lines. When warm water runs through the sewer lines, vapors can form and release into the soil. These vapors are highly attractive for tree roots, and they will actually grow towards these vapors. The second reason this happens is from the nutrients and water supply the vapors and sewer lines offer to trees. Tree roots grow towards these lines because they offer trees the nutrition they need to survive.

How Does This Affect Sewer Lines?

While tree roots have a hard time getting into sewer lines that are closed, sealed, and tight, it is not uncommon for these lines to spring holes in them. When this happens, more vapors are released, and the tree roots are able to actually get inside the lines. Once a root starts growing inside the line, it will grow quickly from the nutrients it receives.

As it grows, it will take up more space inside the pipe, and it will begin to collect chunks of debris that come through the line. Over time, it may begin to take over the entire pipe, and this is what leads to clogged sewer lines. When this happens, you may end up with slow-moving drains, or you could end up with sewage backing up into your house.

How Is the Problem Fixed?

Fixing this problem is not always easy, but it can be done. The first step is determining the location of the clog, and this is easy for a company that offers drain cleaning services. They will perform a sewer camera inspection to find the clog. This involves placing a small camera into the drain lines. The camera sends the video footage to a computer monitor the drain cleaning company can view. This will help them determine exactly where the clog is located as well as the source of the clog.

Finding the clog with this method is easiest because it eliminates the guesswork. When the clog is detected, the drain cleaning company can dig out the area where the clog is and fix the problem. This will often require removing a section of the sewer drain pipe and replacing it with a new pipe.

It may also require cutting away some of the nearby tree roots. If this continues to be a problem, you may need to eliminate some of the trees in your yard. If you do this, you will reduce the chances of tree roots growing into your sewer pipes and forming clogs. You could also hire a drain cleaning company to routinely clean your drains as a way of preventing this from happening.

When a sewer clog forms, you will need to hire a professional to fix the problem. You can call a drain cleaning company at any time to get services, and they will locate and fix the problem for you.