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The Benefits Of Using Screw Pile Foundations For Your Construction Project

by Erik Evans

If you are building your own home, warehouse or other building, you have many options when it comes to building a foundation. One of the ways that you can secure the building is by installing a screw pile foundation. Learning the benefits of this type of foundation may help you decide if it is ideal for your project. Here are a few benefits associated with a screw pile foundation.

Can Be Installed Quickly

One of the biggest benefits to a screw pile foundation is that it can be installed quickly. If you are using other foundation types, such as piers, you have to pour concrete and then wait for it to dry before you can move forward with the project. However, screw piles are screwed directly into the ground, which is a fast and easy process. There is no need to wait for concrete to cure or set, making it a great choice if you are in a hurry to get your project started.

Have a Reduced Environmental Impact

Another major benefit to a screw pile foundation is that it has a reduced environmental impact. When some types of foundations are being constructed, holes have to be dug so concrete piers or metal poles can be set and installed deep in the ground. A screw pile is very different. This pile is drilled directly into the ground. Envision a screw being drilled through wood. A clean hole is created by the screw, leaving the wood around the hole intact. This is the same with a screw pile. The pile is screwed into the ground and the remaining dirt and soil are left intact and unchanged.

Installation Can Occur in Any Weather

The last benefit to a screw pile foundation is that the screw piles can be installed in any weather. Many types of foundations can't be installed when it is raining, snowing or cold. The ground may not be stable enough to hold the posts or poles or the concrete being poured may not set in freezing temperatures. Inclement weather can put a construction project unexpectedly on hold, which can cost you money. This does not have to happen if you select a screw pile foundation.

There are many different types of foundations upon which a home or building can be constructed. If you are considering a screw pile foundation, learning about the benefits, such as the ability to be installed quickly, being able to be installed in any weather, and having a reduced environmental impact on the construction site, can help you make a decision as to whether they are right for your project. Contact a company like Alberta Screw Piles LTD. for more info.