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Modular Vinyl Siding Is A Great Alternative To Painting

by Erik Evans

You're probably going to spend a lot of time and money over the years just trying to keep your house from looking old and dilapidated. Most significantly, the cost of constantly repainting your exterior walls can add up over the years. Also, if you just keep painting over old paint, it eventually starts to look crusty and the surface loses its rich texture. You can definitely tell when you look at the wall that had been painted more than three or four times. This is especially true for exterior surfaces like stucco that have a rougher texture. A great alternative to cost the repainting your stucco is to install modular vinyl siding over it.

Why Choose Modular Vinyl Siding?

Many people choose vinyl because it is more fade resistant and permanent than just painting the outside of a home. When you install vinyl, it will last for a very long time without ever needing to be repainted or refinished. In fact, painting vinyl is not a good idea because the surface is so smooth that new paint doesn't stick very well.

Vinyl is Convenient

The convenience of vinyl is probably the best reason to choose it over other siding products. First of all, it has a modular design that makes installation very affordable. The panels can be simply attached to each other by snapping together interlocking grooves. This means the amount of power tools you need for the job is minimal. This is also why vinyl siding is popular among DIYers. Of course, the vinyl will need to be secured to your existing sidewall in some way. This is done with anchor pieces that are secured to studs within the walls, and then the rest of the vinyl pieces are hung from these anchors. The type of anchor you need depends on the brand of your product, and the material of your walls. Regardless, they are all designed with easy installation in mind.

Vinyl is Energy Efficient

Another factor that makes vinyl so popular is that it will add a lot of energy efficiency to any property. Since it is installed directly on top of your existing sidewalk, without removing anything, it just adds protection and insulation to your home. First of all, you can choose a vinyl product that has the perfect insulation for the weather. That is, there are certain products with thicker walls and foam insulation that are ideal in colder climates. But even the thinnest, least expensive vinyl will add protection and energy efficiency to your home.

If you don't feel like the DIY approach is best, contact a professional near you.