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Tips For Installing Your New Septic System In The Ideal Location

by Erik Evans

If you're building a home on a new lot and you need a septic tank, you'll have to find the ideal location for the tank and the drainfield. You'll want to keep the location of the new house and any outbuildings in mind when you choose the spot for your septic system because you don't want it too close or too far away from the house. Here are some tips for finding the best place to install a septic tank.

Away From Possible Expansion Sites

While you may want the tank and drainfield in your backyard behind the house, consider if you'll ever build on the space. If there's a possibility that you'll put in a swimming pool, add a deck, or build a room addition, be sure to leave plenty of space near the house. Otherwise, you'll have to go to the expense of tearing out the old septic system and installing a new one.

Away From The Driveway

Another thing to consider when laying out your property is the location of your driveway and any roads on your property. You don't want to drive over the septic tank or drainfield. If you'll add a dirt or gravel road for travel to barns and outbuildings, be sure the road is far from the septic system so you don't damage it with heavy vehicles.

Away From Clearance Zones

When you get a permit for the installation of your septic tank, you'll want to learn about the required clearance zones. The installation contractor can help you avoid these zones as well. There will probably be local codes that require the tank to be a certain distance from buildings, water wells, and property lines. You may need to hire a surveyor to mark your property lines and the clearance zone so you stay within regulations as you develop your land.

Away From Mature Trees

Once your septic system is installed, you'll want to avoid planting trees and bushes with deep roots near the drainfield and tank. When you're choosing a spot for installation, you may want to think twice about putting a tank near mature trees. If you can't locate the tank elsewhere, you may want to have the trees removed or talk to your contractor about ways to keep the roots out of your system.

Finding a suitable spot for a septic system is usually not a problem, even on a small city lot. However, you just want to know the regulations that affect you and think about your future plans so you don't go to the expense of installing a system only to pull it out before its time. Contact a company like Seasonal Construction Services for additional advice.