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Eight Tips For Planting Your Yard To Repel Pests

by Erik Evans

Some bugs, insects, and other pests are an enemy to your garden. They'll eat up leaves, sap away nutrients, and affect the overall health of your plants and garden.

Of course, you can use chemicals to get rid of them, but some of these chemicals can cause harm to the environment and damage your garden in the long run. Fortunately, there's a safer option.

You can add plants to your garden that will safely keep away pests. The beautiful thing is that some of these plants are edible, so you get a double bonus.


Garlic is effective against Japanese beetles and aphids. When planted with onions, they will also keep away rodents such as moles and mice. Do not plant garlic next to a bean plant if you care for your beans.


If you have problems with mosquitoes and flies, try planting basil around your patio.


This popular herb is a must-have in your garden. Its sweet fragrance will keep away mosquitoes so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace. You can also use it in many dishes, including pork, chicken, and tea.


Borage is effective in fighting off tomato hornworms.

Mint and Rosemary

Mint and rosemary will discourage cabbage moth and many other insects from laying eggs. You can also use mint leaves to make your own insecticide. Simply mix the leaves with warm water and squeeze off the liquid.

Thyme and Spinach

Thyme is also effective against cabbage worms, while spinach will keep away slugs.


This bright-colored plant will not just add life to your garden; it will also keep away a number of pests including spider mites, ants, ticks, Japanese beetles, fleas, and bedbugs.


This is another brightly colored plant you want to have in your garden. It is effective against aphids and surprisingly will also keep away rabbits. Remember to plant it in a section of your garden with good drainage and full sunlight. Keep it away from the patio, as it tends to attract wasps.


This colorful plant traps insects using its hairy leaves. It is effective against aphids, Japanese beetles, and leafhoppers, among others. Petunias need full sun but can also grow in a bowl in a shaded section of your garden.


Pest-resistant plants, such as rhododendron and azalea, will further help to repel pests.

You do not need expensive and harmful chemicals to keep your garden free from pests. All you need is the right selection of plants. These will add color and fragrance to your garden and may even be edible, so you have nothing to lose.

If you need to fight specific pests, consult your landscaping services for advice.

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