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Tips For Keeping Your New PVC Fence Clean And In Good Repair

by Erik Evans

A PVC fence is a good choice for your property whether you want a privacy fence for your backyard, a border fence for a large field, or a picket fence for your front yard. PVC is durable, so it won't need a lot of repairs over the course of its life, but you'll still want to check it occasionally for damage and clean it if it gets dirty or stained. Here are some tips for maintaining your new PVC fence.

Check The Posts Periodically

It's a good idea to walk along the fence occasionally or after a storm with strong winds has passed through to check the posts to make sure they aren't wobbly. If the posts feel like they're loose in the ground, you can add soil into the hole and tamp it down so the posts are secure again. You may never have to fix loose posts but if you have animals or kids that lean against the fence, or if you have frequent storms, then it's best to make sure the posts stay stable and secure.

Check The Pickets And Caps

PVC fences are usually topped with caps on the posts, and you'll want to check these when you test the posts for stability. If a cap is loose, just press it back into place. Keep an eye on the pickets or panels too. While they won't rot due to moisture or insects, they could be damaged in an accident or by flying debris in a storm. If your PVC fence has a crack or hole, call your fencing contractor to make repairs. Fencing contractors usually provide quality virgin vinyl for their PVC fencing installations and repairs, so you can be sure of quality materials when part of a fence needs replaced.

Wash The Fence When Needed

You may not care about washing your PVC fence, especially if it's a color other than white and it doesn't show dirt. However, a fence that's near your house that shows dirt and stains from grass clippings might need to be cleaned just so it looks nicer. You can clean a PVC fence with a hose and soapy sponge. Tough stains from grass or lawnmower tires can be removed with a vinyl cleaner, however, you'll want to avoid using abrasive cleaners. Always choose a product that's made for cleaning vinyl fences.

Maintaining a vinyl fence doesn't take nearly as much work as maintaining a wood fence, and you may not need to do much work on the fence at all. That's one of the benefits you'll enjoy when you choose a PVC fence for your property. For more information, contact companies like regional fence