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Reasons To Rent Heavy Construction Equipment Instead Of Buying

by Erik Evans

Buying heavy equipment for a construction company is a big investment; event buying used equipment can take a large chunk out of your expense account. However, operating a construction company means there will be a need for heavy construction equipment. Whether you are just starting a construction business or you have been given a job that requires the use of equipment your company doesn't own, heavy equipment rental services may be the best option. Here are just a few of the reasons to opt for heavy equipment rentals instead of buying.

No Maintenance or Repairs

Buying heavy construction equipment means your company is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the equipment. When you opt for heavy equipment rental services, the rental company is typically responsible for the costs for maintenance labor, parts, and labor for repairs. This means you can concentrate on the time spent on the job site as opposed to pulling labor away from the site to do the upkeep on the equipment. Although most heavy equipment rentals include these services, it is important to review your contract to make sure you aren't responsible.

Project Specific Equipment

If you have taken on a job that your company doesn't have the equipment to complete, heavy equipment rentals give you the opportunity to complete the job on time, without having to take a cut in the estimate to purchase expensive heavy equipment. Also, if your company doesn't typically do a particular type of job and you buy the equipment specifically for the task at hand, you will have a piece of heavy equipment sitting around that you don't use, which takes up space. Utilizing heavy equipment rental services means you can rent the equipment you need for the task and return the equipment at the end of the job.

Avoid Transporting Heavy Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment to the job site is expensive and time consuming. Heavy equipment rental services typically deliver the equipment to your job site and pick it up when you no longer need it. This is especially beneficial if you are doing a job that is outside of your usual area, because you can contact a heavy equipment rental company in the area you will be working to deliver the equipment to your job site. You will save money on transportation and labor costs to load and unload the equipment, and you don't have to store expensive equipment on the job site.

Buying new heavy construction equipment is expensive and it can make a big impact on your company's budget. Renting heavy construction equipment gives you the opportunity to try out specific types of equipment before making a major investment, and if you find that your company will not use the equipment as often as you expected, you will be stuck with equipment taking up space that you could use for equipment and materials you do use.