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Need A Dumpster Bin For Junk In A House You Bought? Keep These Tips In Mind

by Erik Evans

If you are going to throw out a bunch of junk that was left in the attic or basement from the house you just bought, you want to get a dumpster dropped off to your home. You don't want that junk in your home, especially if it has mold, mildew, or infestation problems. Call the local dumpster companies and get costs. Consider the following things.

Picking a Size

When you are trying to pick the right type of roll-off dumpster you want to know that they measure by cubic yards. Common sizes are 10 yards in 10 increments up to 40 yards. Take a measurement of the stuff that you want to pitch or at least what you think you want to toss and go from there.

Knowing Restrictions

The dumpster company has to take all the materials to a dump, so you have to be sure that they accept what you are trying to throw away. They may not allow liquids or certain types of waste, and even some materials could be a problem.

Getting Specific Times

Find out when you will be charged. You want to know how many days you can have the dumpster and what time it has to be picked up. You don't want to get overcharged because you go over your days or because you don't have specific information about when the company will be back to pick it up.

Keeping People Out

There are risks associated with having a dumpster on your property. Kids could try to jump in and get cut or injured or people trying to steal materials or items could harm themselves or others. You don't want to end up getting in trouble because someone got hurt. Make sure to secure the dumpster shut at night and to post signs warning people to stay off your property.

When you have boxes of junk and you don't know what is in all of the boxes, it's important to just get the boxes out of your house. Don't hesitate to wear protective gloves when hauling out the boxes, especially if you don't know what could be leaking out. One of the fastest ways to get everything hauled away is to dump it all into a dumpster that is right outside of your house and then let the dumpster be hauled away. If there is anything else that you want to get rid of at the time, make sure that you haul it when you already have a dumpster.

For more information, contact a bin rental service.