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Give Your Landscaping Attractive Hardscaping With These Awesome Rock Wall Designs

by Erik Evans

If you want to improve your landscaping appearance with attractive natural materials, hardscaping with natural stone can be a great solution. The rock wall features can also help provide practical solutions for your landscaping design. The following rock hardscaping projects will help enhance the appearance of your landscaping design:

Structural Designs For Rock Wall Projects

The rock walls you use in landscaping designs often need to support loads of soil and backfill materials. Therefore, these walls need to have different designs depending on the height and weight of materials like soil and gravel backfill. Some of the solutions for structural designs for your rock walls include:

  • Large boulders to hold soil in place
  • Structural concrete for custom wall designs
  • Block walls to support soil and stone veneers

If you are building walls that need to support heavy soil loads, you need to consider structural designs. These engineered wall designs will support the weight of the stone and soil.

Choosing The Type Of Stone For Rock Walls

There are also many different types of stone materials that you will want to consider to design your rock walls. These materials can be different types of natural and synthetic stone materials, which include:

  • Synthetic stone veneers for a natural finish
  • Affordable limestone materials for a natural look
  • Granite and other premium natural stones for rock wall designs

You will want to consider these different types of stone materials for your rock wall project in hardscaping. There are hundreds of types of natural stone materials that can be used to design walls in landscaping.

Tip: Use materials that are widely available in the region where you live to reduce rock wall construction costs.

Stone Sizes To Create Custom Rock Wall Designs

The sizes of the stones that you use for rock walls are also important. These stones can be smaller for custom details or thin materials for a rock veneer. Some important things to remember about the sizes of the stones you use for rock walls include:

  • Thin natural and synthetic stones for veneers
  • Large stones and boulders to support soil loads
  • Natural stone for masonry-style rock wall designs

These are important things that you want to remember about the sizes of the stones you use for rock walls.

Rock wall features with the right design will help to improve the appearance of your landscaping. Call a rock wall construction service and talk to them about adding these details to your landscaping.