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  • Getting To The Root Of The Problem: Planting Trees In Paved Areas

    4 February 2015

    Driveways, concrete patios, and park-style walkways look gorgeous when they are first installed. However, landscape design blunders can mean that your beautiful pavement will have not-so-beautiful cracks in it in just a few years. One of the most common causes of pavement damage is tree roots. Soon, your pavement will no longer be smooth, but riddled with heaves as the roots have determinedly pushed the paltry pavement aside in their search for life-sustaining nutrients.

  • 3 Tips For A Smooth Home Remodel

    2 February 2015

    Deciding to remodel your home can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. You're going to be putting a lot of time and money into the project, and it's going to disrupt your life to some degree while the work is in progress. Finding a good general contractor is a great start, but there are other things that you can do while the remodel is in progress to help your contractor and builders along.

  • Maintenance Tips For Your Excavator's Undercarriage

    27 January 2015

    Whether you own or rent your excavator, it's important to keep it in the best shape possible. After all, a well-maintained machine is one that'll give you top-notch service throughout its working lifespan. That means looking at just about every aspect of your machine, from top to bottom. The bottom is especially important, as it contains much of the hardware critical for forward motion. The following discusses the importance of undercarriage inspection and maintenance, as well as several tips for checking and repairing worn or defective components.

  • Getting Started With Small-Scale Home Renewables

    21 January 2015

    In today's modern era, one of the most hotly discussed issues is regarding 'green' initiatives. Typically, this means large energy companies making an effort to develop renewable technologies; however, as a consumer you can also make a big difference. Rather than buying all of your energy from suppliers, you can actually install small-scale renewable energy technologies around your home.  Why Install Renewables? If you're considering installing renewables within your property, you are likely doing so to reduce your dependency on electricity suppliers.

  • Septic Systems And Winter Weather: What You Need To Know

    16 January 2015

    Rough winter weather can pose a variety of challenges to the average septic system. Knowing how to maintain and manage your septic tank and soil treatment components throughout the winter can help your system last longer and reduce the possibility of expensive repairs. Here's what you should know about the effects of winter on your septic tank system: An Unlikely Insulator Believe it or not, snow cover actually provides an insulating layer for septic tanks and drainfields.

  • Six Green Building Materials To Consider Using In Your New Home

    13 January 2015

    "Green building" is a commonly used term these days, but just what does it mean? Generally, "green building" refers to using materials that are produced through methods that cause less harm to the environment than their conventional counterparts. Fewer petroleum products, less water and fewer toxic compounds may be used in their production, and fewer waste products are generated. There are a wide array of green building products from which to choose, ranging from reclaimed wood from demolished structures, to insulation made from recycled cotton.

  • 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Attempt Your Own Renovation Demolition

    8 January 2015

    After binge-watching your favorite home renovation show, you might be ready to rip out that dated wallpaper and move forward with your own kitchen or bathroom remodel. Although it might seem simple to swing around a few sledgehammers and put up some new paint, your renovation could prove to be trickier than you bargained for. Here are three reasons you shouldn't attempt your own renovation demolition, and what might happen if you do.